Therapeutic bodywork by Pamela Ann Services; Nags Head-Manteo.







A ladies practice

Therapies for the body

    Covid-19 NC Massage board protocol requires the therapist to wear a mask.

Surface areas will be disinfected. 

New clients are by referral only ...


   Polarity Therapy, sink deep into oblivion and take time for just you -

  • Through clothing (loose cotton clothing & no belts!), full body work is done that works to
    • release …
    • rebalance …
    • relax …
    • refresh!
  • Different levels/styles of pressure are used:
    • satvic is a light still touch;
    • rajasic is gentle up & down or back & forth movements;
    • tamasic is deep & rough
  • can address -
    • thoughts,
    • emotions,
    • structure (alignment),
    • reflex points,
    • etheric body (chi work).
  • It all depends on what it is needed at that time.
  • Shy? Then this is the style session for you! 

     Session length 90 minutes -{includes arrival, short talk, getting onto table, the session, ending-getting off the table}..... $125

    Still need to understand more about Polarity? Click .99 cents article 'Polarity Session Explained' or video 'What is Polarity?'


     Foot Therapy -The client lies supine (face up),

  • so the mask can be worn comfortably:
    • Cozy attire is worn as the client is warmed by a table heating pad (if desired),
    • and snuggled beneath soft a blanket (again, if desired,)
    • Reflexology points and corresponding body zones are then worked to assist with the body's harmony and the stress it's feeling at that time.

     Session lengths run from 30 to 90 minutes; rates $50, $95, $125.     


With Covid-19's threat, these are very safe session styles.


     Additionally ...

          Aromatherapy - 2ml vile of a blend of essential oils custom to your current needs may be purchased for $5.00

Grace Forgiveness - Forgiveness for tardiness, missed appointments and after appointment confirmation cancellations;

  • allows for 3 tardies and 2 missed appointments: … 
  • $40 {invoiced one month ahead for the desired number of appointments along with 'grace forgiveness' and processing fee if a card is used}


This practice is one of therapy. 

If there is something going on, another session or more may be needed.

Following through is always good wether it's for teeth, eyes, heart, etc.; a body's therapy session equals in importance ...